Slideshow | Revitalizing the Tribal Research and Training Institutes placed under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs at the Adivasi Academy Tejgadh – Gujarat

A special workshop was hosted by the Adivasi Academy & Museum of Adivasi Voice at Tejgadh. It provided the Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Ms Vibha Puri Das, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, with an opportunity to familiarize herself with the cultural practices and worldview of tribal artists. She remained present throughout the two day workshop held on 23rd and 24th November 2012 at Baroda and Tejgadh.

After long discussions, it has been decided that Bhasha Centre, based on its own experience, will undertake skill building and training of the TRTI teams in the areas of digital documentation, museum displays, language conservation. Several eminent scholars and activists from across India participated in the discussion.

Bhasha recently held a meeting with the Tribal Research and Training Institutes placed under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. These institutes, located in the tribal populated states of India, need to be revitalised – a task that has been assigned to Bhasha Research Centre.

Source and photo credit: Sonal Baxi, Bhasha Research and Publication Centre, Vadodara, 12-1-13 –

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