Confluence Festival of Indigenous Storytellers – Bangalore 30 Sept.-2 Oct. 2011

The Festival of Indigenous Storytellers is an initiative of Acoustic Traditional to build a platform for our disappearing folklorists/storytellers across various tribal communities of India to get together and revive the tradition of oral storytelling towards conserving our rich but dying ancestral legacies  from spiritual to cultural to scientific. The event is unique in many ways and will bring in various partnerships to emphasize the need for the preservation of this
disappearing tradition. […]

Of the many and diverse indigenous cultures in the country, the Confluence, Festival of Indigenous Storytellers, 2011 nominated 10 storytellers this year to take part in the event, focussing on the forest and mountain-based communities of Karnataka and neighbouring region, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. They are storytellers with whom Acoustic Traditional has worked with or been associated previously. The only such event being organised in the country on tribal oral storytelling, the event brings in a remarkable glimpse of our ancient cultures, our sacred Spirits and our often forgotten societies with whom we invisibly share a heritage that simply cannot be expressed. We welcome you to be a part of this unique Confluence of indigenous cultures between the 30th of September to 2nd of October, 2011

Venue: Fire Flies Ashram, Bangalore.

The Confluence is not developed as a mere storytelling event; rather it has been developed in view of engaging with individuals and organisations in ways that can enrich our understanding of oral storytelling in terms of tribal communities where stories were not always performed to entertain. As such, it is preferred that you join us throughout the day for all the activities / workshops (perhaps even consider staying back) rather than come for a session or an activity alone. […]

A separate programme schedule is available for schools with a different registration format. Please do contact us if your school is interested in participating in this unique event. Please email us at for more details on how your school could participate. For more information on Acoustic Traditional and the Confluence, please visit

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