The 5 Ws and an H

The foundation gives preference to activities and educational projects wherein the causes of prejudices, illiteracy and dependance are addressed in a responsible as well as creative manner. Experienced educators and social workers, in collaboration with exponents of the arts, crafts and knowledge systems, are the guides for youth interested in creating storyboard based media contents.

As a first step, they gather and edit the essential facts and ideas. This ensures that their story is worth telling to their peers and all others interested in Indian tribal heritage anywhere in the world.

The “5 Ws and an H” will make it easy to create the texts, images and sounds that will hold the interest of the intended public:

  • WHO is the central character, object or hero around whom this small story revolves?  – Think of yourself, your peer group or another important person in your own family, school or village!
  • WHAT did the central character experience and observe? WHAT did (does or will) happen in his/her/their immediate environment that we all should care about? – Think of something special like a plant, animal, book or any other object; then choose one that has shaped your outlook in life!
  • WHERE – Think of a building, natural feature such as a hill or river, or some public place where you had an adventure or any other special experience!
  • WHEN did this experience take place?
  • WHY – what might have been the cause or reason behind this story?
  • HOW will the telling of this story affect an individual or community?

The “5 Ws and an H” help learners to convey the aspirations of their tribal community clearly; and this instantly as part of a memorable experience that complements their regular school curriculum. While reflecting on their own heritage, pupils are given an opportunity to realize their personal and collective potential.

For brevity and in order to convey their emotions, learners create a storyboard >>

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