Implementation of objectives

In collaboration with experienced educators, young people are enabled (1) to preserve their community’s cultural heritage by any means at their disposal; and (2) to contribute to its continuance as part of life in modern India wherever social, economical and political circumstances permit.

During annual events, cultural knowledge will be shared and artistic experience showcased. At the same time, these events provide opportunities for tribal youth to hone their documentation skills both in support of long term projects planned by their own communities.

The resulting media contents may be shared with the general public through a website of their own, that of the foundation, or both. This entails that young members of tribal communities themselves

  • explore their own heritage with the help of modern technology
  • learn to apply this technology in a meaningful and responsible manner
  • plan media productions about tribal communities and their cultural heritage
  • participate in the production of small video documentaries that are suitable for use in education both in and outside India
  • showcase and discuss their productions with others
  • use their newly gained skills and insights to address and correct stereotypes and prejudices about India’s tribal communities

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