Slideshow | Santali Literary Meet: “Santal Onolia Helmel” (Dumka, 20-21 October 2017) – Jharkhand

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The Johar Journal
The Johar Journal (द जोहार जर्नल ) is an online open-access, peer-reviewed, biannual journal on Adivasi, tribal and indigenous issues with particular focus on tribal literatures in translation.
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“Santali Literature & Society in the Changing World”
Johar HRD Centre, Dumka, Jharkhand, India
20 – 21 October, 2017



Source: Courtesy text and photos: Dr. Ivy Hansdak, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia University New Delhi (emails 9 October & 2 November 2017)

Concept Note

“The more things change, the more things remain the same.”

In the wake of globalization and heavy industrialization, the tribal people of India have been struggling with a growing sense of Angst at various levels. A direct result of migration and acculturation is seen in the rapid erosion faced by many tribal languages – erosion that could lead to loss of unique knowledge systems and oral traditions transmitted through these oral languages for generations. This Angst of the tribal people is reflected in the literary, linguistic, political and socio-economic fields, and need to be studied since they are reflections of seismic changes sweeping across the world.

This Seminar will deal with continuity and change within Santal society, in the context of modernity, globalization and digitalization. It was earlier thought that oral narratives like myths, folktales, folksongs, fables, riddles etc, died away under the impact of globalization. This view is no longer acceptable since it is found that many oral narratives live on in other forms of modern mass media. Popular heroes on television and cinema are often based on the roles played by traditional heroes in oral stories. Hence, mass media may have changed the boundaries of entertainment but it has not erased the contents. The important sub-themes of the Seminar will be:

  • Santal history, memory and imagination
  • Santal oral tradition and modernity
  • Santal resistance narratives
  • Santal art and aesthetics
  • Multiple scripts of Santali
  • Santal model of development
  • Santal women’s empowerment 

Program Schedule  

DAY ONE (20-10-2017)

Registration begins: 9.00 AM


Chief Guest: Fr. Dr. Varghese Panangatt (Chancellor, Catholic Diocese, Bhagalpur)

Guest of Honour: Ms. Nirmala Putul (Award-winning Santali Poetess & Social Worker)

Keynote Speaker: Ms. Vandna Tete (Noted Poetess & Founder, Jharkhandi Bhasha Sahitya Sanskriti Akhra)

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The Johar Journal
The Johar Journal (द जोहार जर्नल ) is an online open-access, peer-reviewed, biannual journal on Adivasi, tribal and indigenous issues with particular focus on tribal literatures in translation.
Learn more: >>


SESSION 1: 11.30 AM – 1.00 PM: Panel Discussion

Topic: Tradition and Modernity in Santali Poetry, Fiction and Drama

Speakers: Prof. Promodini Hansdak, Mr. Sarada Pd. Kisku, Mr. Purnendu Saren, Mr. Shyam Besra, Mr. Shibu Saren

Moderator: Mr. Nirmal BK Soren


SESSION 2: 2.00 PM – 3.00 PM

Topic: A Way Out of Poverty: Indigenous Self-Reliance & Traditional Santal Leadership

Speakers: Mr. Innocent Soren & Mr. Francis Xavier Soren

SESSION 3: 3.00 PM – 4.00 PM

Screening of documentary film, INDIGENOUS, by Ms. Divya Hansda


SESSION 4: 4.30 PM – 5.30 PM

Introduction by our Friends & Well-Wishers

SESSION 5: 5.30 pm – 6.30 PM

SANTALI FASHION SHOW by Ms. Nikita Hansdak, Ms. Joyce Besra & Panchi Parhat Boutique, Dumka

SESSION 6: 6.30 PM – 7.30 PM



DAY TWO (21-10-2017)

SESSION 7: 9.30 AM – 10.45 AM: Panel Discussion

Topic: Readings from Santali Poetry and Fiction

Panelists: Mr. Pankaj Kisku, Mr. Shivlal Marandi, Mr. Mahendra Besra, Mr. Joseph Soren, Mr. John Jantu Soren

Moderator: Mr. Bijoy Tudu

Session 8: 10.45 AM – 12.15 PM: Panel Discussion

Topic: Women in Santali Literature & Society

Speakers: Dr. Mary Hansda, Ms. Teresa Tudu, Ms. Prity Priya Marandi, Ms. Jennifer Murmu, Ms. Martha Hansdak

Moderator: Ms. Vandna Tete


Session 9: 12.30 PM – 1.00 PM

Topic: Human Trafficking in Jharkhand

Speaker: Sister Gemma Toppo, Recipient of Jharkhand Samaan, 2015

Moderator: Dr. Ivy Imogene Hansdak


SESSION10: 2.00 PM – 3.30 PM: Panel Discussion

Topic: Role of Mass Media & Internet in Preserving Community History and Memory

Speakers: Mr. AK Pankaj, Mr. Saheb Ram Tudu, Mr. Sudipto Mukhopadhyay, Mr. Michael Marandi, Fr. Daniel Kisku TOR

Moderator: Mr. Sunder Manoj Hembrom


SESSION 11: 4.00 PM – 5.30 PM: Panel discussion

Topic: Future of Santali Literature in the Age of Globalization & Digitalization Panelists: Rev. Ramesh Ch. Kisku, Mr. Tonol Murmu, Mr. Gokul Hansda, Dr. Santosh Kr. Besra, Fr. Shyam Kishore Tudu SJ

Moderator: Mr. Innocent Soren


Report by Co-Convener, Valedictory Speech by Chief Host and Vote of Thanks by Convener.

CONVENER: Dr. Ivy Imogene Hansdak
Ph. No: 8505895533; Email:

CO-CONVENER: Mr. Innocent Soren
Ph. No: 9432261200;

COORDINATOR: Mr. Sunder Manoj Hembrom
Ph. No: 9903695055; Email:

CHIEF HOST: Fr. David Solomon SJ
Ph. No: 8757690775; Email:

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