Discussing the scope for an Adivasi agenda: Conference on indigenous knowledge, sacred sites & eco-feminism at Jadavpur University (February 2017) – West Bengal

Themes covered by Prof. Dr. Marine Carrin at Jadavpur University (Kolkata) in February 2017

  • Conference 1: Indigenous Forests: the colonial legacy
  • Conference 2: How Santals speak about places?  The making of sacred places.
  • Conference 3: Indigenous knowledge as reinvented by men, healers, women and children.
  • Conference 4: Sacred sites, eco-feminism, global warming and religious environmentalism: the scope for an Adivasi agenda?

I am also giving a paper at ADRI Silver jubilee in Patna, late March on: The imagining of alternative citizenship in Jharkhand and another in Ranchi I have not yet given a title but that will cover the question of the sustainability of rights.

Source: personal message by Prof. Dr. Marine Carrin, Director of Research Emeritus at CNRS, Unverité Jean-Jaurès Toulouse  (9 February 2017)


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