Slideshow | The Kaani (Kani) performance troupe (Nagercoil): Youngsters keen on paying homage to their ancestors’ way of life – Tamil Nadu

Photos and information: courtesy Davidson Sargunam 2015 Tribal Foundation (Nagercoil)

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The Tribal Foundation (Nagercoil) is a registered organisation promoting the social, economic, cultural development of the forest-based Kaani tribal community.

Its cultural team promotes shows by Kaani tribal youths who formed a dance company consisting of up to 16 performers. Their programme has a duration of about 2 hours and features a variety of traditional dances, costumes and musical instruments typical of the Kanyakumari region.

These youngsters – both boys and girls – are college students keen on paying homage to their ancestors’ way of life: customs marked by an unbroken, genuine affinity with nature rather than exploitation. This message is expressed in the unique “tree bark dance” of the Kaanis: it highlights the delicately balanced eco-system of the the Kaani community’s homeland.

Thanks to their traditional knowledge and skill, the Kaani youths could identify a particular tree that enables them to express their cultural and natural heritage in an authentic manner.

Their performances are bound to appeal visitors from all over the world. They reflect the  cultural diversity and natural beauty of the Kanyakumari region which has been celebrated by its inhabitants for centuries and admired by its visitors.

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