UN Draft “Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” and the world’s indigenous peoples’ movements

Indigenous peoples’ movements
Diplomats from around the world are currently [2004] discussing final revisions to the UN Draft Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to be presented at the forthcoming meeting of the General Assembly. It remains doubtful whether agreement will be achieved on outstanding issues – from definitions of key concepts like ‘indigenous people’ to the granting of particular rights… | Download complete issue >>
Indigenous peoples’ movements
Indigenous peoples and rights to resources in Asia Gerard A. Persoon
Indigenous peoples at the global level Barbara Slee
Beyond Integration: indigenous assertion in India Bengt G. Karlsson
Indigenous rights and resource management in Philippine protected areas Padmapani Perez and Tessa Minter
The Orang Asli of Malaysia Alberto G. Gomes
Indonesia: reformulating indigenous identity Gerard A. Persoon
Minority rights and national development in the People’s Republic of China Xu Yuan

Source: The Newsletter 35 Autumn 2004 | International Institute for Asian Studies
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