Video | Music instruments, dancing puppets and scroll paintings: Santal cultural traditions revitalized – Jharkhand & West Bengal

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Chaador Bandhni, the puppetry art of Santhali Tribe is a variety of table puppet theatre prevailing among the Adivasis of Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand. – Documentary film by Manas Basu (Duration: 28 min.) | Learn more >>

The exhibition “Cadence and Counterpoint: Document Santal Musical Traditions” was an eye into the world of the Santal community, its rich culture and musical traditions. […]

The exhibition also featured the lively but languishing art form of the Santal community, the Chadar Badar. This is a unique form of puppetry done on a set with a long pole as base. Rows of beautifully carved wooden puppets dance in formation with the pull of a string and attached mechanism. This performance closely resembles the actual folk dance of the Santal. | For a virtual visit of this exhibition and more information, click here >>

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