Slideshow | “Have you seen the Arana?”: Film screenings for and with Adivasi communities – Kerala

Filmmaker Sunanda Bhat visited Wayanad to start the process of holding community screenings and watch the film together with local facilitators at the office of the Ferns Naturalists Society in Mananthavady. As this coincided with a tribal camp conducted by Fr Stephen, it was decided to watch the film together with the youngsters and see how they respond. A cloth screen was put up and over a 100 kids sat down to watch the film and had a brief discussion after the show. They were excited about the film. Arun P.A. (Secretary, Ferns and member of the film making team) is arranging a transcript done by the local facilitator.

Another community screening was at Thrissleri where people had heard about the film and attended in large numbers. The film was also showed at a rural public library where the projection was outdoors on the wall of the building. Over 200 men, women and children were there. Audience was seated on either side of the road.

Information and photographs: courtesy Sunanda Bhat © 2013

Film trailer

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