Slideshow | “Birbhum Blossom” performance concludes Santal theatre workshop at Dwaronda village – West Bengal

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Synopsis of the play

The play “Birbhum Blossom” is about a Santal girl who is lured to leave her beautiful village to a place to lead a more joyful and happy life. Initially she refuses to leave her village and dear ones but later surrendered herself to their blissful promises. One day the village realizes that the young girl Sokodi is lost. Eventually when she is found she has already lost her songs that she used to sings with her friends and fail to recognize them. She is addicted to the life that pains her constantly internally. Her friends try to bring her back to their village through the songs that they grew up singing.

Workshop report

A theatre workshop organized by ‘Birbhum Blossom’ and supported by Anthropological Survey of India was held at Dwaronda village from 24th August to 12th September 2013.

A play ‘Song of Clay Hut’ was performed on the last day of the workshop on an open air stage of the Blossom theatre campus. 28 youth from Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati went to see the play by cycle and liked it very much.

The youth group later interacted with the director of the play Mr. Partha Gupta. The design and the presentation of the play were highly appreciated by the audience.

Text and photos courtesy Boro Baski 16-8-13 © 2013 Ghosaldanga Bishnubati Adibasi Trust

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