International Mountain Day: “Celebrating Mountain Life” – United Nations

Mountains are home to 12% of the world’s population. Sustainable mountain development is key to improve the livelihood of these often poor and isolated people. 

UN Photo/Kibae Park

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Mountains, the International Mountain Day strives to achieve a stronger engagement of actors/institutions and the civil society in sustainable mountain development. It is also a concrete opportunity to mobilize resources to improve the livelihoods of mountain communities. Special attention will be given to the involvement of youth in global sustainable development, as they will be the future actors.  […]

Commitment and will to advance this cause were strengthened during the International Year of Mountains in 2002, and mountains have gained an increasingly high profile on agendas at all levels.

The Year also led to the adoption of resolution 57/245, in which the General Assembly designated 11 December as International Mountain Day, and encouraged the international community to organize events at all levels on that day to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development.

Source: International Mountain Day – 11 December
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